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    Riley Arnemann, M.S., RMFTI

    Welcome. I’m grateful  you’re here.

    Riley Arnemann is a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida. He has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Masters Level Certificate in Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling from the University of South Florida. He is a clinical fellow and member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), he is on the Advisory Board for the Marriage and Family Therapy program at the University of South Florida, and he is a Board Member for Emotionally Focused Therapy of Tampa Bay. He specializes in relationship issues, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

    Riley’s clients typically feel stuck in a negative cycle with their partner and struggling with communication and conflict resolution. The pattern is the same, but the subject changes from conflict to conflict. He also has experience with affair recovery and betrayals. His clients that struggle with trauma find themselves having recurrent thoughts, emotions, and bodily responses that are identical to when they first experienced the trauma event. And the clients that are experiencing anxiety and depression are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, burnt out, and at the end of their rope from various life stressors, such as, dating, family, friendships, work-life balance, parenting, and life transitions.

    Riley owns a part-time virtual private practice (Riley Therapy). He works full-time for the VA as their couple’s specialist; thus, he has a wealth of experience from working with couples every day. Riley is trained in the evidenced based therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This therapy is the gold standard for treating couples. Research also supports the effectiveness of EFT for treating families and individuals.

    In his part-time private practice, he offers virtual therapy only for those who reside in the state of Florida. You can contact Riley for a free consultation to see if he is a good fit for you and your needs.

    Memberships and Involvement

    I am on the Advisory Board for the Marriage and Family Therapy Masters of Science program at the University of South Florida. My responsibility is to provide feedback on how to improve the program and I also act as a resource for the students in the program by helping with resume, interview skills, finding a job, advice on practicing therapy in the agency and private practice setting, and guidance to finding their niche in therapy. I am also on the board for Emotionally Focused Therapy of Tampa Bay. I am the current treasurer. Emotionally Focused Therapy of Tampa Bay holds monthly consultations for therapists that practice Emotionally Focused Therapy and it also provides trainings on Emotionally Focused Therapy. Lastly, I am a clinical fellow and member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. This professional organization facilitates research, theory development and education. They develop the standards for graduate education and training, clinical supervision, professional ethics and the clinical practice of marriage and family therapy. They also publish the scholarly research journal, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. Members of this organization are held to the highest standards in the practice of marriage and family therapy.

    My Approach

    My approach is experiential, humanistic, existential, and person centered. This approach prioritizes present process, emotional experiencing, and spontaneity in the session. I use my own intuition, bodily responses, and experienced feelings to direct me on where to lead the client and on what therapeutic techniques to use. I focus on free will, human potential, self-discovery, self-actualization, and having unconditional positive regard for others. I value creating a safe, collaborative, and non-pathologizing therapeutic alliance with my clients. My position towards my clients is warm, genuine, authentic, caring, nurturing, and open. In session I am emotionally accessible/available, responsive, and engaged with my clients; rather than some distant expert professional of your life and your emotional experiences.

    My Mission

    My mission is to help heal and deepen relational bonds. The goal of therapy is to create secure attachment; a safe haven. When our relationships become secure, I believe that our mental health symptoms will be healed, and if not, then significantly reduced. By the end of therapy, I want my clients to feel closer to their loved ones than ever before, and for their mental health symptoms to be cured or significantly reduced.

    What my clients have to say

    Riley was a life saver, literally. I was using a free counselor and seeing a marriage counselor and decided to look for a counselor that could assist me in specific areas. When I found Riley, I was hesitant to reach out because he was not what I was looking for. I will be honest, he had the qualifications, and was affordable but he wasn’t black. I am Caribbean/Hispanic and I felt like he wouldn’t understand a lot of my view points and how I was raised. Well, I couldn’t find a black counselor in my price range and I had to choose between Riley and another counselor I had found. I set up my consultation with Riley and he surprised the hell out of me. He knew A LOT about my Caribbean (Jamaican) culture and I didn’t have to share much.

    Dennis (1/2)

    He told me he has worked with many Jamaicans and was very familiar with my culture and upbringing. He was kind, funny, real, down to earth, and most importantly, he makes you feel comfortable with being yourself which in return allows you to give your all in your sessions. I know its his job, but he LISTENS and has a great method. I could on and on. I highly recommend Riley. He pulled me from a dark place and took me on as a client rapidly as he knew where I was heading. He takes your mental health very serious. I miss him as my counselor and can’t wait to be able to have him as my counselor again.

    Dennis (2/2)

    Riley was my first EFT therapist. I had never experienced any form of therapy that works on naming your emotions and why you’re feeling them, down to the root cause. I really feel as though I grew as an individual and have become more in tune with my emotions after working with Riley. He supported me so much over the months of sessions we had together. I am very thankful that I met him, though virtually, because I carry the tools he shared with me daily. I cannot express my appreciation enough. Thank you, Riley, truly.


    I found Riley on Google. In desperation to help me understand my teenage daughter. I was at my last straw, in fear of losing my child bc of the lack of understanding between the both of us. Riley has a unique technique that I am so grateful for. After 2 months of seeing him. My daughter and I were back to being connected and bc of Riley we have learned techniques that we constantly use when we feel like we are drifting apart. Thank you Riley for helping us get through one of are hardest hardships. I highly recommend using him.


    I had Riley in the worst times of my life , and I looked for someone to help me with myself and my relationship with my mom. I personally had my trials with her but he helped us learn to communicate with each other. I saw almost an immediate difference right after. I learned a lot about therapy .So i definitely recommend him! I highly recommend using him.


    Riley is a very understanding and patient therapist. His method of therapy works. He took the time to meet with me and my wife individually, before meeting with us as a couple. This allowed him to tap into past experiences and past hurts, to help us, as a couple, work through our issues. In every session we were able to process major conflict. This, in turn, helped us to have a deeper understanding of one another. We are more connected now, than ever before.


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